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Call for 175th Anniversary Reflections

Production of the 175th anniversary commemorative edition of Xavier Magazine is underway, and we would love to include as many voices and reflections as possible. To that end, the “Sons of Xavier” section of the magazine, which typically includes class notes and milestones, will be dedicated to alumni reflections about their Xavier experiences.

Xavier’s communications team invites all alumni to fill out this form to submit reflections and photos for potential inclusion. There is an opportunity to provide a general reflection for use in the “Sons of Xavier” section; other more specific questions about influential teachers, classes, traditions, and the neighborhood surrounding Xavier may be used in other sections of the magazine.

The deadline for all submissions has been extended to Monday, July 18. In order to include as many voices as possible, general reflections printed in the magazine will be limited to 250 words. We will edit for space where necessary.

We will also be recalling our school's historic and colorful sports legacy, and honoring the individuals and teams who created that legacy. Please find a series of athletic reflection questions below. All athletic submissions should be sent to Tom O'Hara ’69 as soon as possible.

What and/or who, in your opinion, were the most memorable moments, games, seasons, players, coaches, and/or administrators in the Xavier sports you've played, coached, watched, or read about?

Do you have any memories, photos, articles (newspaper, magazine, yearbook), game programs, memorabilia, etc. you would like to share?

P.S. While this project will continue in various forms and venues throughout the rest of the year, we need you to submit your vote for the greatest moment in Xavier sports history immediately. Feel free to write at length to explain your choice(s).

Thank you so much in advance for helping us celebrate Xavier’s 175th anniversary in this way.