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Loyal Sons Reunite at 50th Reunion

50th Reunion Weekend 2022

Above: Click to view the full Flickr album of photos from the 50th Reunion Weekend

This past weekend, the Class of 1972 gathered for the 50th Reunion Weekend, an unforgettable celebration of loyal Sons and their dedication to Xavier.

The celebrations kicked off Friday, May 13, with a gathering at The View at Battery Park for a cocktail reception.

The following day saw alumni and friends finally flock home to Xavier—welcomed back with open arms.

“West 16th Street may be where Xavier is located physically, but the impact of the school across the globe is evident by what the graduates have accomplished in the 50 years after—in almost every walk of life,” said John Toolan ’72. “Graduating from Xavier has made a difference in positive ways.”

As they were greeted by Xavier’s Advancement Team, members of the Class of 1972 received commemorative gold pins—recognizing each of them for their accomplishments and dedication to Xavier, and their new status as Golden Knights—having graduated 50 years ago.

“We can’t believe it has been 50 years,” said former math teacher Don Gross ’72 P'03. “Time passes so quickly but the memories of Xavier and its teachers are still fresh and have left an indelible mark on all of us.”

“Talking with friends and brothers of almost 54 years meant a lot to me,” said Tommy Kampa ’72. “We all realized how important it is to cherish these relationships that started at Xavier and continued because of Xavier. All the members of my class have supported me as I have worked to support them. Xavier is a very special place that continues to grow on us all. One of the proudest moments of my life was becoming a Golden Knight!”

Late Saturday afternoon, fellow Sons received tours from current students—giving them a chance to see and interact with familiar spaces, like the recently renovated Sons of Xavier Center, and some unfamiliar spaces, like the art facilities in Fernandez-Duminuco Hall.

On tours, Sons from across the years exchanged stories and laughs with one another and with the student tour guides, serving as a reminder of how special the bonds between them are.

“It was great to see everyone Saturday night,” said John Garcia ’72. “I first saw Xavier in the summer of 1967 as a participant of the Higher Achievement Program and fell in love at first sight. We came together from different places and backgrounds and became brothers.”

In typical reunion fashion, the reunion class celebrated a beautiful Mass in the Student Chapel.

Classes bookended the evening with gatherings in the Col. Donald G. Cook, USMC ’52 Library and in Keenan Commons later in the evening for a night of cocktails, dinner, fellowship, and gratitude to be back together on 16th Street.

“It was a magical weekend in so many ways,” said Thomas Healey ’72. “I’m still processing it in a positive way. It was great to see and spend time with everyone who could make it. I assure those of you who weren’t there that, in actuality, you really were there in our thoughts, in our stories, and in our memories, laughter, and smiles.”

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