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Faces of Xavier: Isaac Pierre ’23

This week, the Xavier E-News sat down with Student Leadership Council (SLC) President Isaac Pierre ’23 to discuss his role as leader of the student body and his aspirations for the school year and beyond.

Xavier E-News: Where are you from, and how did you learn about Xavier?
Isaac Pierre ’23: I'm from Manhattan––the best borough in New York. I learned about Xavier from the massive grapevine that is Catholic education at my Church.

E-News: Why did you run for SLC president?
Pierre: I ran for SLC president so I could make a tangible difference in the community. I want to make a positive impact that students can feel and appreciate as they walk through the halls of Xavier—particularly by bringing in new lunch options and more school events. Most importantly, I wanted to be an example that underclassmen could follow. I want to model the "Grad at Grad."

E-News: What are your plans after you graduate Xavier?
Pierre: When I graduate, I will still have the values the school gave me; being open to growth, committed to doing justice, loving, religious, and intellectually competent. I don't plan to lose these values after I leave these halls. As an aspiring teacher, I plan to continue to be a role model for those who need it and a positive and lasting presence in my classrooms.

E-News: How do you handle your responsibilities as SLC president on top of everything else you do at Xavier?
Pierre: Being president is not an easy task. As they say, "Heavy is the head who wears the crown." Regardless, the only reason I can do this is because of teamwork. My cabinet is invested in making Xavier the best school it can be. They are always making planning for events and trying to change things that need to be addressed. We hold each other accountable as members of the SLC.

E-News: What is your favorite thing about Xavier and about being SLC president?
Pierre: What is better than being called "Mr. President" by the actual president of Xavier? That has to be the best perk of this presidency. It might not be flashy, but it's a reminder of the duty I have to my constituents. Plus, it's a cool nickname.

E-News: Is there anything you want to say to all the students reading this?
Pierre: If there is anything I want to say, it would be for everyone to embrace the community around them. In all my life I have never been a part of such a loving institution that is truly invested in you. The people here are the most kind, respectful and honest people you will ever meet. The brotherhood that you will form at Xavier is difficult to replicate around the world. This is truly a unique place and unique experience, so make sure you are a part of it.

E-News: What are you most excited to do during your first week back at Xavier?
Pierre: I am most excited to bring the changes I promised I would. My job as president is to vocalize the concerns of students and implement policies that would best address them. While being called "Mr. President" is cool, I need to make sure I'm a good one.

E-News: What have been some of the best parts of the first week of senior year?
Pierre: The first week of senior year is surreal. Knowing that I will be graduating in a few months creates pressure to leave a legacy behind. The teachers acknowledged this, and have made me feel so supported this week. The best part of this year would have to be the aura of mutual respect between my classmates and teachers.

E-News: Do you have any advice for the underclassmen who have just started their careers on 16th Street?
Pierre: To the underclassmen of Xavier, it is imperative that you embrace this community. As a senior, I will tell you that you never realize how important or valuable something is until you don't have it. You will start to miss these halls, the teachers, and even waking up at 6 a.m. to take a crowded train to the city. This school will give you what you put into it, so give it your all. I promise you will not regret it.