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Class of 2022 Earns Early College Admissions

In this year’s early round of college admissions, Xavier’s Class of 2022 has made great strides, showcasing their resilience as they navigate the application process in the third year of an ongoing pandemic.

Seniors have already earned spots at selective colleges and universities such as Boston College, Bucknell University, Case Western Reserve University, College of the Holy Cross, Duke University, Elon University, Fairfield University, Fordham University, Gettysburg College, Hofstra University, Manhattan College, Marquette University, Middlebury College, New York University, Northwestern University, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Santa Clara University, Skidmore College, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Tufts University, University College Dublin, University of Chicago, University of Miami, University of Richmond, Vanderbilt University, Villanova University, among countless others.

“The past two school years have been difficult, by anyone’s standards, but for the Class of 2022, those difficulties extended further to the college process,” said Director of College Counseling Mollie Quinn. “Students saw disruptions to standardized testing, extracurricular activities, and college visits, compounded by record high application numbers and confusing test-optional policies. The college process may have seemed impossible at times, but Xavier students were able to navigate the roadblocks and submit quality applications to make them competitive in this year’s applicant pools.”

As of today, 98% of the class has applied to college, with more than 2,000 applications having been sent to colleges and universities across the world.

Across the Class of 2022, students have already earned more than 500 acceptances and more than $8 million in scholarship dollars.

Throughout this strange year, the college counseling team has helped seniors accomplish their myriad goals and taken great pride in students' accomplishments.

“College admissions offices tried to ease the tension by telling students that they simply needed to be their authentic selves,” Quinn added. “While this can be a vague concept, Xavier students are great at presenting themselves in their fullest and truest sense. Xavier students showed their strengths, the ways in which they are perfectly flawed, and what makes them ‘tick,’ no matter what that is.”

Quinn and her fellow college counselors will soon begin working with the Class of 2023 on their college searches, and they plan to host parent programs during the spring semester. And with a few months left in the college application process for the Class of 2023, they are confident that all seniors will find the best fit for them by decision day.

“When decisions roll in for the Class of 2022, it doesn’t mean that the work is over—merely getting in is only half the battle,” said Quinn. “Choosing the institution that will best support you will ensure you find your happy place in college.”