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Campus Comment: Reflections on Freshman Year

Above: Members of the Class of 2025 enjoying Freshman Fun Day last August

This week, the Xavier E-News asked members of the Class of 2025, “What will you miss most about Xavier during your time off 16th Street this summer?”

Andrew Durant ’25: “I’m going to miss my teachers and being around such a great environment. I’ll also miss being able to be downtown in the city. I get to see so many cool metropolitan things that I wouldn’t traditionally see.”

Alexander Messer ’25: “I’ll miss the JROTC program because I have a bond with everyone on the team and it’s going to be sad not being able to see them. I also have a brother who was in the program a few years ago, so it’s been great to make him proud of what I’ve done this year.”

Shane Murphy ’25: “The cafeteria—nothing beats a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from Xavier.”

Johnny Richter ’25: “I’ll miss playing rugby after school. We created such a strong brotherhood. The practices were demanding, but they were an opportunity to bring us all together.”

Laza Ramos ’25: “The community—it has provided me with such a strong sense and feeling of brotherhood here. I’ve been able to open up and have so many people to talk to compared to when I started. I’m excited to see everyone again in the fall.”

James Johnson ’25: "I’ll miss my friends and all the people on 16th Street because of how caring and considerate they all are and have been this year.”

Evan Tarozzi ’25: “Community period—it’s a time when we all talk together and eat bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches together.”

Nick Borruso ’25: “I’ll miss walking into the school and being able to see my favorite people. I’ll also miss my daily routine and being able to learn new things in all of my classes.”