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Campus Comment: New Year's Resolutions

This week, the Xavier E-News asked students, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”

Brian Rudolph ’24: “I plan to be more on top of my work and to manage my time better.”

Alec Bryan ’24: “I’m hoping to get on the honor roll—it’s something I’ve been hoping to achieve for a long time! It would also be my first time on the honor roll.”

Finn Sweeney ’24: “I want to run under a 4.35 minute mile for track and field. I also want to qualify for the New Balance Nationals 4x800m Relay Race. School-wise, I’d like to get my work done earlier instead of putting it off. This way I’d also have time to improve my writing skills!”

Diego Cerri-Droz ’22: “I’m hoping to succeed in my first year of college.”

Thomas Prezioso ’22: “I’d like to focus on myself more and work on being a better person, friend, and brother to the people around me.”

Ryan Gusqui ’22: “I’d like to win a robotics competition this year! I finally got back into them after a year of not actively participating.”