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Campus Comment: Advice for the Class of 2027

Campus Comment: Advice for the Class of 2027

Above: The prospective Class of 2027 tours Xavier at fall Open House

As acceptance letters for the prospective Class of 2027 are sent in the mail, the Xavier E-News invited students to give their best Xavier-related advice to future Sons of Xavier.

Kyle Knoblauch ’23: Be attentive and sharp. Do your homework, and be a good student. Teachers will really appreciate it and this will make your time a lot easier at Xavier.

Jonathan Stein ’23: Get involved with the community. Join clubs, sports, activities, and really anything you can get involved with. The community at Xavier is formed in class, but also outside of class.

Daniel Rawdah ’23: Xavier is blessed to be in as great of a location as New York City, so use it as your playground, go explore, and get comfortable with the city.

Julien Mondjii Adlerberg ’23: Don’t be afraid to talk to the people you wouldn’t normally think of talking to. You’ll make a lot of great friends that way.

Ronan Madden ’24: Manage your time well. It’s important to balance what you do outside of school and on 16th Street. You’ll thrive here if you do so.

Chris O’Halloran-Gannon ’23: Work hard now so your academic load is lighter down the line.

Anthony Rojas ’23: Feel comfortable and always be yourself around other people.

Ryan D’Auria ’23: Don’t be afraid of the opportunities that come your way

Venardo Venardatos ’24: Get involved in as many sports as you can. It’s a great way of meeting new people and discovering new hobbies for yourself.

George Maroun ’23: Try to be as much of a part of the community as you can.

Arthur Kear ’23: Definitely get involved in service opportunities here. If you’ve ever witnessed a CFX trip, you’ll see that it’s worth it.

Henry Max ’24: Balance your schedule. You want to make sure you are taking classes that are challenging, but don’t overdo it. Pick classes that you know you will enjoy, but that will also challenge you and help you grow as a student.

Jaiden Plaisir ’24: Join as many clubs and communities as you can. The more people you’ll meet, the better. It’s a great way of meeting people of diverse backgrounds.