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Alumni Flock Home to Xavier for Reunions

Alumni Flock Home to Xavier for Reunions

This past weekend, Xavier hosted a string of reunion celebrations—drawing dozens of alumni back to 16th Street.

“Every reunion cycle is an opportunity to more deeply understand the magnitude of the relationships formed between friends, teachers, and coaches—whether that formation started sixty years ago or just five years after graduating,” said Director of Alumni Relations Zane Massey ’96 P’22.

The celebrations kicked off on Friday, April 29, with the Golden Knights Reunion—a reunion meant to recognize alumni for their individual accomplishments and dedication to Xavier, and to recognize some for their new status as Golden Knights—having graduated 50 years ago.

The Classes of 1971 and prior enjoyed a Mass in Xavier’s student chapel and an early luncheon in the Keenan Commons.

“It was such a wonderful experience to return, once again, to the Student Chapel for the celebration of the Mass,” said Bruce McDonald ’58. “It was a special treat to have the celebrant be [Former Xavier High School president] Fr. Daniel Gatti, S.J. ’59, who is well known to all of us. I reconnected with fellow classmates as well as other Golden Knights. The lunch in Keenan Commons was just so well done—including the bar. I look forward to returning in 2023.”

Click here to view photos from the Golden Knights Luncheon.

Following later that evening was a reunion reception for the Classes of 2017, 2012, 2007, 2002, and 1997.

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Saturday, April 30 saw the Classes of 1992, 1987, 1982, 1977, 1967, and 1962 gather for their reunion reception.

Click here to view photos from the 30th-45th, 55th, and 60th Reunion Reception.

Both days saw alumni and friends flock home to Xavier—welcomed back with open arms.

“It was so great to reconnect with my Xavier brothers,” said Tom Lee ’92. “It seems the older we get, the happier we are to see each other—the hugs are stronger and the laughter louder. There’s a bond that we formed from our shared experience at Xavier that becomes more profound as the years pass. My Xavier classmates are some of the finest men I know.”

Fellow Sons received tours from current students—giving them a chance to see and interact with some familiar spaces, like the recently renovated Sons of Xavier Center, and some unfamiliar spaces, like the arts facilities in Fernandez-Duminuco Hall.

In typical reunion fashion, the reunion classes celebrated beautiful Masses in the Church of Saint Francis Xavier.

Classes gathered in Xavier’s main gym later in the evening for a few hours of cocktails, food, fellowship, and gratefulness to be back together on 16th Street after so long.

The stories shared by the reunion classes last weekend served as a reminder of how truly special the bonds of loyal Sons are.

The Class of 1972 will gather at The View at Battery Park for their 50th reunion on Saturday, May 14.

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“With almost 300 alumni and guests back on 16th street last weekend, it was simply amazing having that energy return to our building,” said Massey. “Thank you to all of the alumni, guests, and current and former faculty who attended. We can’t wait to see some of them return for the 175th Anniversary Gala in December!”