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Visual Arts at Xavier

Through Xavier’s expansive visual arts curriculum, comprising six classes across all four years, students learn both the history and the techniques of the masters. They also learn to express themselves on the canvas.

The curriculum allows interested students to create competitive art portfolios or auditions for college admissions. Career information for the many college majors that involve the arts is a natural part of the classes here. Our students are accepted to the top creative programs; many with significant scholarships.

Each May, Xavier’s Festival of the Arts showcases students’ work and convenes generations of Xavier alumni in the arts, in an annual celebration of expression and creativity.

Visual art classes at Xavier have allowed me to experiment and learn new techniques as I create my very own masterpieces. Each class fosters focus for every little detail I put into my work, while also allowing me to appreciate the work of my classmates––strengthening the bond we have as Xavier brothers.

Josh Dayo ’24