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Admissions at Xavier

Welcome to Xavier.

For 175 years, Xavier students' lives have transformed the world.

On 16th Street, young men become more conscientious, competent, compassionate, committed, and creative—ready to be of service to our city, our nation, and the world. From its humble beginnings, Xavier has provided a rigorous, Jesuit, Catholic education—focused on cultivating critical thinking, spiritual development, and self-discipline—to young men drawn from all over the New York City metro area. We hope to see you incorporating your own story into life on 16th Street, walking out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at graduation towards 5th Avenue, and sharing your journey with fellow Sons of Xavier many years in the future.

Voices from 16th Street

Meet Our Students

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Tim Gannon '23

Jonathan Stein '23

Alex Grant '23

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Faculty Spotlight

Margaret Gonzalez P'24

"For the past 29 years, walking the halls of Xavier and having the privilege of teaching and getting to know so many fine young men has made my world richer and larger than I could have ever imagined. Knowing their stories, connecting their lives to the universal truths found in literature, and seeking God in the sadness and joy of the written word have helped me to be a better human being, and I hope it has helped them as they move on in life as fathers, husbands, coworkers, and friends. My colleagues have been a source of strength and laughter, from the quick joke in the hallway between classes, to them flying to Ireland when I got married, to seeing a sea of Xavier faces at my father's funeral. I feel so blessed and grateful."

Excellence Since 1847

Xavier's Story

In 1847, Fr. John Larkin, S.J. founded Xavier in Lower Manhattan. Three years later, the school moved to its current home in Chelsea, just west of Union Square.
Our nearly 15,000 living alumni are a testament to Fr. Larkin's vision. Some Sons of Xavier speak of what they learned about themselves during their commutes, in the classroom, or on the field. Others speak of taking intellectual risks in their math or Latin classes, while others discuss  athletic or artistic interests they discovered on 16th Street. Nearly all mention profound relationships they developed with their teachers—passionate educators who challenged them to broaden and deepen their intellectual and spiritual horizons.
Frequently, graduates speak about the care and support they received from guidance counselors or homeroom advisors, how they experienced spiritual “a-ha” moments on one of our student-led retreats, how they developed friendships over lunchtime conversations in the Quad or cafeteria, or how they felt themselves becoming men for and with others on a service or immersion trips in Tennessee, Mexico, Ecuador, and beyond.
No matter how they begin their reflections about their years on 16th Street, they frequently end with the sentiment that Xavier was and is their second home, a place where they were both cared for and challenged—a place that remains a beacon for her Sons decades after graduation.

16th Street

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Want to Learn More About Xavier?

We hope our publications help you gain a deeper understanding of who we are.
To read our admissions viewbook, click the link at right. To read more news and publications from Xavier, visit our newsroom.

To contact the Admissions Office directly, email or call 212-924-7900, ext. 1442.