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Academic Rigor

From Robotics to New York Literature, students develop critical, creative thinking skills.

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Catholic & Jesuit

In the tradition of the Society of Jesus, Xavier urges young men to find God in all things.

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Pursuing Excellence

With a firm emphasis on the scholar-athlete model, Xavier fosters competition and sportsmanship.

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Sons of Xavier

Xavier is a second home for its thousands of loyal, deeply generous alumni.

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175 Years of Tradition

Since 1847, Xavier has formed young men to transform the world for God's greater glory.

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The Heart of NYC

Since 1850, Xavier has been entrenched on 16th Street, just west of Union Square.

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Voices of Xavier

Since 1847, Xavier has educated intelligent, motivated young men from Manhattan and far beyond, sending them forth to transform the world for God’s greater glory. That mission has never been more important than it is today.

Sohan Shah '23

Xavier has first and foremost provided me with an exceptional education and has also given me numerous opportunities to grow and learn outside the school building through service trips and retreats. Xavier's identity is formed through the hardworking community of students and caring and dedicated staff who have created a setting that helps me prosper as a student. Xavier provides the perfect balance between a rigorous education and a comfortable environment in which to live, grow, and most importantly learn."

Ciaran Murray '22

The ideals and values of perfection, excellence, and brotherhood are integrated into everything you do both in and outside of the classroom at Xavier. While at Xavier, my teachers as well as all of the other young men that make Xavier the prestigious institution that it is, have forced me outside of my comfort zone, challenged my determination along with my perseverance, and enabled me to become an exceptional young man who is no longer fearing the life that will follow my time at Xavier."

Pat Dormer P'17

The Xavier difference is the people. It is that simple because so many people here believe in the mission to be men for others and meet people where they are in life. They are willing to reach out to others. And that makes the difference."

Kristin Matroni

At Xavier we teach our students to think critically as well as conscientiously. We ask them to be open to growth and we model this for them as a community. Our students engage in a rigorous academic program to be sure, but it is also their involvement in various clubs, sports, retreat opportunities, and service work that forms our boys into young men for and with others."

The Crossroads of New York City

Journeys to 16th Street