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Academic Rigor

From Robotics to New York Literature, students develop critical, creative thinking skills.

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Catholic & Jesuit

In the tradition of the Society of Jesus, Xavier urges young men to find God in all things.

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Pursuing Excellence

With a firm emphasis on the scholar-athlete model, Xavier fosters competition and sportsmanship.

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Sons of Xavier

Xavier is a second home for its thousands of loyal, deeply generous alumni.

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Timeless & Urgent

Since 1847, Xavier has formed young men to transform the world for God's greater glory.

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The Heart of NYC

Since 1850, Xavier has been entrenched on 16th Street, just west of Union Square.

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Voices of Xavier

Since 1847, Xavier has educated intelligent, motivated young men from Manhattan and far beyond, sending them forth to transform the world for God’s greater glory. That mission has never been more important than it is today.

Benicio Mancebo ’24

Xavier has given me an education that has helped me grow academically and spiritually. I have learned what it means to be a man of God and to be a respectable young man, and have acquired the values and skills that will ensure I succeed in school and life beyond Xavier."

Aidan Rubino ’25

Xavier is a place to learn how to grow and challenge yourself beyond the limits you ever thought you could exceed. Every day, I walk into school knowing I have the resources, teachers, and classmates to support me throughout my journey and I couldn't ask for anything better. The community is one that I've never experienced before. Xavier is not only known for its rich history and tradition but also for its great teachers, faculty members, and students that spread Xavier's mission every day.”

Isaac Pierre ’23

Xavier's greatest impact has been making me sensitive to those around me. My personal experience of Xavier, through Kairos and the Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice, has opened me to perspectives I wouldn't have considered and educated me on problems I didn't know existed. The school has helped me realize, in practice, that the smallest things can affect those around me. From that, I have learned not only to be sensitive but to play an active role in solving that problem or helping that person."

Israel Salvador

Xavier is a great school and a fantastic community that operates as a solid platform where our students meet the perfect match between opportunity and preparation. Our faculty is represented by professionals with expertise in many different areas, which means that every student can find the perfect niche to learn and develop his abilities at his best. Here at Xavier, students are prepared to embrace success in many different aspects of their lives. Our philosophy is not to look for perfection, but progress.”

Kara Henn

What I love about Xavier is our location in the heart of New York City. I can take my students on a ten-minute walk and we can see a play at Classic Stage Company, visit the Rubin Museum, or stop in at the Whitney to check out the Biennial. Being open to growth is central to our mission, and I know these experiences stay with our students long after they graduate.”

Daryn Johnson

I teach science at Xavier not simply to pass on why matter reacts the way it does and how to apply that to a technologically advancing world, but also to impart how we can use that knowledge to take care of all of God's creations––from the planet we walk on to all those we share it with, particularly the marginalized and underrepresented.”

The Crossroads of New York City

Journeys to 16th Street