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Fr. Chuck Frederico, S.J. spoke with Xavier seniors about vocations 
on December 3, 2012.

A Vocations Visit to Xavier

It’s not every day that students find themselves seated around dining room tables inside the Xavier Jesuit Community, but Fr. Chuck Frederico, S.J. arranged for special permission 6th period Monday.

20 Xavier seniors , already in the midst of making major choices about their future, gathered at Fr. Frederico’s request. There were promising student-athletes, leaders of student council, officers in the Regiment and ambitious leaders of extracurricular activities. They will all most likely succeed at whatever they set their minds to and with four years of schooling in the center of the country’s biggest metropolis, they’re largely open to the world, and excited about new challenges and experiences.

Fr. Frederico, however, wants something else for them.

He wants them to make sure that their openness toward the future extends not only to colleges in new cities or study abroad programs overseas, but also to the possibility of religious life.

Fr. Frederico serves as vocation director for the three NY-New England-Maryland provinces, and he spent much of Monday speaking to classes gathered in the student chapel about the experiences that led to his own calling and the outlook on life that he wants more young people to adopt. At an earlier session, he encouraged Dr. Petriello’s religion students to pause on a regular basis to explore God’s presence in their lives. The lunch session provided more direct interaction with students.

“Seniors should have a chance like this to reflect on how they came to be leaders at Xavier and what they can do with their leadership experiences,” Fr. Frederico said. “Xavier provides a holistic education that includes prayer and reflection. My goal is to allow students to understand the many ways in which God might be calling them, through their leadership experiences, maybe even to be a Jesuit.”

Monday also marked the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, so the day seemed filled with the theme of “calling.”

Fr. Frederico expressed his hopes that the seniors gathered would consider his request. After all, even if they haven’t considered religious life, they’re well-versed in sharing the gifts they’ve been given, and they’re immersed in a learning environment that constantly stresses the development of the whole person and asks that they look deeply into their lives.

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